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Neuromarketing tests marketing assumptions, it does not create them.

Neuromarketing is a science that analyzes how emotions affect the mental processes that lead consumers to purchase a certain product, observing what happens to the brain in the presence of certain stimuli. Neuromarketing verifies the correctness of a hypothesis, it does not create it. It will therefore have to be the marketing to formulate the right hypotheses from…
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Copy strategy, this unknown.

The importance of the copy strategy in pubblcità The copy strategy is tactical indication used in advertising. a bit like a handbook or a model that provides a fundamental path on which to work. Consumer's benefit is the benefit to the consumer that the product promises; Reason why is the rational argument that advertising provides to make credible the benefits promised by…
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Traditional advertising does not work anymore?

The entrepreneur is confused, traditional advertising does not work, best online advertising, we have made it clear once and for all. There is even, those who argue that traditional marketing is no longer effective and that the consumer is now more free to pick and choose. It's true, as a last resort, that consumers decide more freely with the advent of the internet,subverting…
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