ENTERING INTO THE MIND OF CONSUMERS TO SELL MORE '. Consumer insight, archetypal neuroscientific research and follow-up ( hypothesis testing ), our trademark to learn about the needs and consumer Lies Beneath, so your brand and communication become extraordinarily effective.


For this reason the choices are dominated by unconscious associations,
that's why we investigate the deeper unconscious, to discover "the hidden truth" using searches based on behavioral science with the most advanced techniques implicit and explicit.

THE BRAND It is a mental container of a series of values ​​that communicates the company, a kind of shorthand of the mind to assemble all the concepts, shortcut that comes from that which is the brand experience, the set of all brand experiences that generates that type of image. We check what the brand is associated with that value.

In this way we can in addition to knowing the perception profound values ​​of the brand and we can develop activities
- What is the brand health?
- What activities (and not deliberate) impact on his identity?
- The brand values ​​are clearly defined ?
- The representations of the brand are able to ensure a differentiating positioning?
- The brand is communicated to all relevant public and is communicated with the correct mode?
- Are there any discrepancies between desired identity, communicated identity and perceived identity?

In collaboration with Prof. Vincenzo Russo
Professor of Psychology and Consumption Neuromarketing
Coordinator of neuromarketing research center

The consumer is confused, products and services all look the same, why we help you build your brand, offering them a valid reason for you to choose.

Let's find out what's most important in the minds and hearts of consumers, we identify the consumer insight, to make you different and unique than your competition.

We make a memorable brand with powerful tools like the archetypes.


We believe that the first step to success is to stop and think. Analyze the environment of a company, review its strengths and weaknesses and reflect on what strategy, positioning and actions are most appropriate.

And what is more difficult: do it with objectivity. This external view is what makes us an excellent ally for any marketing department. We propose strategic solutions and develop effective and innovative . Oriented to generate sales, improve the brand's relationship with its customers and to project their companies into the future.

In short, transfer their messages and values ​​in a creative way and adapted to the new era of bidirectional communication, taking into account the views, 'response and customer interactions.


"Business has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results: everything else is cost. "Peter Drucker


In January 2008, lAmerican Marketing Association It amended the definition of marketing, highlighting its social impact and defining it as a science.

Marketing is a complex and evolutionary science, that in addition to moving synergistically with other sciences, also it evolves through new media and technical tools provided by technology.

The AMA will further redefine the concept of marketing in July 2013

"Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes to create, communication, offering, exchanging offerings that have value for customers, partners and society in general"



qualitative Techniques

Focus group moderated by Psychologist.

  • Interviews in depth personal
  • Neuroscience / Neuromarketing
  • ethnographic
  • Forum online

quantitative Techniques

Online Searches

  • Netnografia
  • Listening socialnetwork
  • Analysis blog, forum, newsgroup

Strategia off/line on line

Strategic marketing

  • Analysis of marketing problems
  • Competition analysis
  • Identification of the target group
  • Positioning and Repositioning
  • Choosing a Strategy

Operative marketing

  • Choices for operational tactics
  • Price / Product / Distribution / Promotion

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