Cos’è il Note Promoter Score?

Il Net Promoter Score è una metrica di fidelizzazione del cliente sviluppato nel 2003 dal consulente aziendale Fred Reichheld di Bain & Company in collaborazione con la società Satmetrix. L'obiettivo era quello di determinare un punteggio di soddisfazione del cliente chiaro e facilmente interpretabile. La domanda posta è sempre formata: "Sulla base della sua esperienza,…
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Usefulness of laddering in qualitative research.

What is the purpose of the Laddering? The purpose of laddering is to find the basic emotions that fuel the decision of a customer to buy a particular product. Used in psychology with clinical interviews in depth, The technique gets its name because of the nature of the questions asked by the researcher. Continuando a
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Advertising alone does not sell.

  We realized in 25 Years of Experience, that only companies with a consistent solid Brand Positioning, They offer a valid reason for the consumer to be chosen. Before investing in communication, cured positioning, without it there is no hope. Cos'è la Brand positioning. In simple terms, brand positioning is…
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The format in advertising, working tools indispensable.

The format is the general outline within which is provided a content. We usually notice them more and more frequently on TV, radio, internet, newspapers, billboards, etc.. In fact the experts make a speculative use in order to make the most effective creative strategies. In Italy we use in every advert group project…
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