perceived value


The perceived value is the value attributed by the consumer for aproduct.
Companies strive to create value for customers. The value perceived by customers is sometimes different fromactual value the good or service. Several factors explain thisdifference in perception between the real and perceived value, these are the perceived value components:
- thevalue in use
- the value hedonic
- the value of the sign The value perceived by the consumer is aconceptstaff. Every consumer has a different perception. Emotions are personal and the experience is unique. However, the perceived value is not always linked to the experience of consumption. Even without having consumed the product, an individual may have a perception of product value through advertising or word of mouth.
2. The value in use
The value placed by a consumer for a product depends on objective as well as subjective criteria criteria.
The value in use is based onobjective criteria and it depends on what the consumer wants to make the product. Features, the functionality and performance of the product able to satisfy a 'express or implied needs of consumers.
The value in use corresponds to the question"To what do I use this product?"
3. The hedonic value and experiential marketing
With experiential marketing, the consumer experience It is experienced as asourceemotions. With this theory, the value hedonic, during the act of purchase is emphasized and more evident. The act of eating is more emotional than rational. The consumer experience is no longer limited to the product attributes.
The hedonic value corresponds to the demand"That feeling is delivering this product?"
4. The sign value
It is a symbolic value is a sign of social recognition. The sign value is the question"What image do I have towards otherscustomers?».
The essential
Theperceived value is the value attributed by the consumer to a product.
The value perceived by customers is sometimes different fromactual value the good or service.
Various factors explain this difference in perception between the real and perceived value, It is the components of the perceived value:
use worth, which corresponds to the question. What is the product?
​​-hedonic value, which corresponds to the question" What feelings I have caused to the customer with this product? ";
- thesignthe value, which corresponds to the question"  What image do you make me my clients? ».

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