Proper and reliable guide on how to choose the advertising agency and communication.


Often the entrepreneur, the manager of a company or anyone with significant marketing responsibilities, It must unravel an infinitesimal plethora of paper proposals, web agency, sale of all types of media space, of agencies of all types and varieties. It 's time to create an information guide, an ostentatious compass like this one that directs, the entrepreneur or manager in the most suitable choice of a communication agency.  Let's start by saying that often the evaluation of the choice of one agency over another is mainly empirical, emotionally dictated by non-rational logics.

Here is a summary vademecum.

Choose a communication agency for skills and merit.

1)  To choose you need to know the subject,  the basic advice is to study the basics of marketing and communication principles, or have a training base, at Bocconi University, Luis,  Communication science, refresher courses and masters or anything else reliable that provides you with the cultural background necessary to be able to evaluate, to understand, know. Or delegate a manager in the company who has the necessary preparation and knowledge to objectively indicate the suitable communication and marketing agency.

2)  Never choose to pinch and bite, one makes you the web, the other creativity or Rp, sponsorships etc. The communication agency is a consultant who dispenses choices and strategies after having analyzed all the market variables, to recommend a unique and distinctive identity ( strategy) declinable in everything, off line e on line, with consistency and without dispersion, the risk is to create cognitive dissonance.

If it proposes an audit of your brand, therefore a scientific approach to marketing and communication applied to your company, that recommends consumer research, quali\quantitative, the intervention of the psychologist and the researcher, the choice of positioning and marketing strategy is reliable, because you don't improvise, you know the facts and the problems, Opportunities, with criteria and qualified skills.

3)  When he has a number of years of experience, minimum 10\15, because he knows the experience of companies like few others.

4)  When he has strong marketing and strategy skills.

5) When creativity is national.

6)  Authoritative word of mouth.

7)  Speed ​​and adaptability.

8) When he curated important brands.

Never choose a communication agency, wrong choices compromise your brand image and results.

1)  When the corporate client offers a brief ( information of your company ), then the agency creates the campaign concept from this, nothing more wrong, this is a huge mistake, improvisation compromises your brand image and results.

2) Friendships, knowledge, nothing worse.

3) The Sunday ad, cousin, the relative.

4)  The internal creation of a communication department in the company, proves to be disastrous, often those who heal internally, I'm not a copywriter, art directors therefore do not have the specific skills, the results are there for all to see.

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