The formats in advertising, indispensable work tools.

The format is the general scheme within which a content is created. We are used to noticing them more and more frequently on TV, radio, internet, newspapers, billboards, etc.
In reality, insiders make speculative use of it in order to make creative strategies more effective.
In advert group italia we use a different format in every communication project, here they are:

Mnemonic Device

This literally translated format is a memory device, the hippopotamus for Lines, the pumpkin for Conto Arancio, and others who immediately activate the association with the brand in us.


Thetestimonial. This type of format bases its strength on the attractiveness and credibility of the character who plays the leading role in the ad.


It formatside by sidethe comparative

Compare two or more brands.


This is the case of brands that compare their peculiar characteristics.

l formatbefore and after (before and after). In this format, two situations are compared, one before and one after the use of the product, in order to demonstrate its ability to solve the problem, as promised.

It formathumorous


Slice of life

A commercial that is contextualized in everyday life

wear and tear

Conventional (like the perfect family of Mulino Bianco )


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