Analytical marketing

"Business has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results: everything else is cost. "Peter Drucker

In January 2008, theAmerican Marketing Association amended the definition of marketing, highlighting its social impact and defining it as a science.

Marketing is a complex science and evolutionary, that in addition to moving in a synergistic manner with other sciences, evolves through new media and technical tools provided by technology.

The AMA further redefine the concept of marketing in July 2013

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes to create, communication, offering, exchanging offerings that have value for customers, partners and society in general”

Advert group italia comunication agency It provides a comprehensive overview of techniques and methods, our advice and expertise helps the customer to choose the best direction for the development of their business.

This we believe is a crucial stage of planning, because often the corporate vision of the entrepreneur is empirical, often dictated by their intuition and knowledge of the facts of every day, without that they go to know variables of a technical – scientific and behavioral customer themselves ( users ), ultimately those who benefit from direct experiences of products – service.

The direction they want to pick springs from the need to create a thorough understanding of the situation in general, so that we can design the Marketing Strategy communication and more in line with the needs of end consumers.

Marketing and Research

Qualitative techniques

Focus groups moderated by Psychologist.

  • In-depth personal interviews
  • Ethnographic
  • Forum online

Quantitative Techniques

Searches online

  • Netnografia
  • Listening to social networks
  • Analisi blog, forum, newsgroup

Strategia off/line on line

Strategic Marketing

  • Analysis of marketing problems
  • Analysis of competition
  • Identification of the target group
  • Positioning or repositioning
  • Choosing a Strategy

Marketing operativo

  • Choices operational tactics
  • Price / Product / Distribution / Promotion

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