Copy strategy, this unknown.

The importance of the copy strategy to redeem for ads The copy strategy is an indication tactic used in advertising. a bit like a set of guidelines or a model that provides a critical path on which to work. Consumer's benefit is the advantage that the product promises to the consumer; Reason why is the rational argument that advertising provides to make credible…
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Traditional advertising does not work anymore?

L'imprenditore è confuso, traditional advertising does not work, best online advertising, we clarify once and for all. C'è addirittura, chi sostiene che il marketing tradizionale non è più efficace e che il consumatore oggi è più libero di scegliere e decidere. E' vero, as a last resort, che il consumatore decide più liberamente
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The projective tests and the scope of advertising.

You can not fathom the needs of consumers, using research methodologies that dwell on the surface ( eg quantitative research ). Behold here comes the need to go deep, overcoming the barriers of social convention, to locate in a non-direct the reasons most relevant, expectations more complex and deep,…
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Unique selling proposition cos’è, what's the use in advertising

L'unique selling proposition, often as an acronym USP, that could be translated into Italian as argument exclusive sales, It is a theoretical model of advertising works formulated by Rosser Reeves in the forties. According to this principle, an advertising, so that it can be effective, must focus on "a unique selling point" (Selling point), e per unico
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